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About Us


Broadreach Training Services

Thank you for your interest in Broadreach Training Services programmes. The heart of our mission is the commitment to working with, and meeting the needs of employers from small, medium to large organisations and students worldwide.

Our courses are designed to give you an insight into some of the many training and development opportunities, which we are able to make available to you, and your staff. It is not possible to identify and list every training need, so if when reading this, you are not able to find the course that meets your requirements, then please contact us, as we welcome the opportunity to work in partnership to identify and develop training to meet your exact requirements.

Our delivery modes with regards to timing and location are flexible and adaptable to your requirements. As a major provider of workforce development, we have accumulated many years experience in delivering a wide range of training, and you can be assured of the full support of our highly qualified teaching and support staff. All our staff have commercial or industrial experience and a strong track record of working with businesses and individuals.

We have a successful history in providing the training and development that leads to improvements in the work place, and for employment opportunities for students, often leading to promotion and the development of confidence. Broadreach Training Services management committee comprise of professionals who have a vision to see all are given opportunity to excel through education.

Dr Hannah Obe (ACMI)

Head of Centre