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Certificate in Housing Management

Short Courses

Course Description

This course is best suited for employees who are involved in the housing organisations. It will provide you with the essential skill and knowledge you will need to succeed in Housing Management. You will learn about the history of housing and the housing policy related subjects relevant with the environment, economics politics and society. This will be developed to include Housing Management, Finance and Development and legal system.

Course Description
  • Unit 1- Housing Provision and Housing Organisation
  • Unit 2- Customer Care Communication Skills for Housing
  • Unit 3- Careers and opportunities in Housing
  • Unit 4- Developing Skills for Working Housing
Course Duration
12 months F/T

Aims & Objectives

To provide learners with a basic understanding of housing. To introduce some of the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in the housing management related activities whether paid or voluntary. To prepare students for future study.

To get an over-view of asset management. Understanding the asset management strategy and the business plan. Develop information on the assets. Be able to work with stakeholders and to identify investment options and Appraisals.

If you choose to work in housing, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution really matter, because everyone needs somewhere decent to live. This is why many people are attracted to housing work from other fields, as well as when starting a career.