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Access to Housing Management/ Supported Housing


Course Description

To introduce the range of activities of effectively managing the housing stock of a housing association, including guidance on developing an asset management strategy, implementation plans and how they link with other strategies and policies and the business plan. If you choose to work in housing, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution really matters, because everyone needs somewhere decent to live. This is why many people are attracted to housing work from other fields, as well as when starting a career.

Course Description
  • Unit 1- Housing Provision and Housing Organisations
  • Unit 2-  Customer Care and Communication skills for Housing
  • Unit 3- Careers and Opportunities in Housing
  • Unit 4- Developing Skills for Working Housing
Course Duration
3 months

Aims & Objectives

With over 2.5 million Council tenants residing in England, the Government expects Local Housing Authorities to carry out their housing management function effectively and efficiently, delivering a high quality housing management service. They should adopt a comprehensive approach to delivering these services that will contribute to the liability and sustainability on their estates.

To help Local housing authorities achieve high standards, the Government works closely with the Local Government Association, the representative body of local government and professional housing bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Housing, both in developing housing policy and legislation and in producing good practice guidance on how that policy should be implemented.


All kinds of people from many backgrounds work in housing. CIH lists the basic skills and attributes needed as:

  1. An interest in people’s living conditions
  2. Strong communication and negotiation skills
  3. Ability to organise
  4. Flexibility and adaptability to a variety of different situations
  5. Ability to act on one’s own initiative and under pressure
  6. A desire to take on responsibility