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Crowd and Public Safety Management


Course Description

A Degree in Public Safety management prepares students for careers in a myriad of industries, all having to do with the safety and security of the public. Whether it is coordination large events and making sure they are run safely or inspecting a building to make sure it is safe to occupy, careers in public safety management are meaningful and rewarding. Because public safety is such a broad field, it allows the student to cater their degree program to their interests in the specified fields of security, event coordination or inspection. A degree in Public Safety Management can lead students towards management positions in large corporations, public safety organisation or fire and police departments.

Course Description
  • Risk Assessment
  • Health & Safety
  • Legal Issues
  • Personal & Professional Development
Course Duration
12 months F/T

Aims & Objectives

To provide a multi-agency foundation in planning and managing safety at public events and gatherings.

By the end you should be able to: Explain the concept of Integrated Emergency Management.

Identify the most relevant legislation, including the Civil Contingencies Act and key guidance documents.

Describe the roles of your own and other organisations involved in planning for and managing crowd safety events.

Explain the importance of Key inter-agency planning and contingency planning.

Identify the main planning considerations relating to risk management, planning, communication, crowd dynamics and crowd behaviour.

Identify examples of good practice and lessons identified from events and incidents.

  1. Five GCE/VCE/GCSE at grades A, B or C (or equivalents)
  2. A National Certificate or Diploma or BTEC
Who should take this course?

Those who need foundation training in multi-agency safety management for crowd events and gatherings, as a precursor to working in this area of further study?