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First Aid (Appointed Person)

Short Courses

Course Description

This one day emergency first aid course is designed for those companies who have carried out a risk assessment and have decided NO first aid is required or anyone who wishes to learn the basic life saving skills of first aid.

All organisation as a minimum requirement must be appoint a person t o take charge of first aid arrangements including looking after first aid equipment and facilities and calling the emergency services when required.

There should be and appointed person available to take control of all first aid arrangements at all times when people are working.

Course Description

A 6 guided learning hour course, delivered over 1 full day. A notebook is provided to support the course. Students will work individually and in groups. As some aspects of the course involve floor work, it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing. Previous experiences will also be taken into account.

Course Duration
1 day (with various start dates)
How will I be assessed

You will receive a First Aid Appointed Person certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course.