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Events & festival Management

Distance learning

Course Description

The events industry has been subject to dramatic expansion and considerable restructuring during the past decade. This innovative course, developed in close consultation with the industry, has been created to provide students with the management skills necessary to take on the challenges of working in this diverse and exciting employment area.

Course Description
  • Work-based project
  • Opportunities to participate in a wide range of educational visits both in the UK and abroad
  • Use of real-life case studies to support inter-active teaching and learning programs
  • The opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills such as first aid certificate
  • Guest speakers from various sectors of the event industry
  • The completion of a project at Level Three which will develop personal skill essential to the events and festival industry
  • Employment opportunities with various event organisations, both in the UK and abroad and in the growing field of corporate event management
Course Duration
12 months

Aims & Objectives

To broaden and deepen students understanding of Events & Festival Management. Help Students value the role of Event & Festival Management in the communication process. To give students practical examples of effective Event & Festival Management.

  1. Two A-Levels grade D or above
  2. 12-unit Vocational A-Level (VCE) grade DD
  3. Evidence of proficiency in English Language, Numeracy e.g. GCSE English, Key skills Numeracy
Who should take this course?

If you are seeking to revitalise, develop or just being a career in this field. This course offers a big boost forwards.