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Health and safety at Work

Course Description

A thorough understanding of health and safety is essential in all workplaces, regardless of job role and industry. This accredited Health and Safety for Employees course ensures that you recognise the most common health and safety risks in your workplace and the control measures that are needed to maintain safety standard.

The course covers the most crucial aspects of health and safety that are present in every workplace such as;

Manual handling, working at height, and fire and electrical safety. It also explains the necessary components of workplace welfare, including workplace stress and conflict.

Course Duration
1 Day
Who should take this course?

Workers in all workplaces and industries are required to take health and safety training to safeguard themselves, and those they work with safe.

This course is intended for workers of all abilities and in all environments, including those who work in construction, education, offices, and hospitality.

The course covers the common health and safety risks that are present in all of these environments.

If you work in a low-risk environment and have never undertaken health and safety training before, then the Basic Health & Safety course provides an induction that may be more suitable for your needs.

If you are a manager or supervisor, then the Health & Safety for Managers course is recommended for your role.