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Health and Safety Practice


Course Description

The need for employers to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees is of paramount importance and this is reflected by the increase in the amount of new Government Health and Safety Regulations and Legislation.

This programme provides essential information for those who are or will be responsible for the health and safety in the work place.

Course Description
  • Safety, Health and Welfare Legislation
  • Safety Management Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Safety Behaviour and Ergonomics
Course Duration
6 months- 1 year

Aims & Objectives

To introduce line managers, supervisors, facilitators, personnel specialists and employees to the following: The importance of a safe and healthy working environment, the main laws and regulations governing safety and health in the work place, the management and procedural aspects of safety, health and welfare in the work place, Key concepts explaining about employees attitudes and behaviour in relation to safety in the working environment, the key dimensions of the role of the key personnel for health and safety in the organisation and the main ways in which good safety behaviour can be developed and managed.


There are no formal qualifications needed for entry on this course.