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Health and safety for Managers

Short Courses
Course Description

This Health and Safety for Managers training course aims to provide employers, managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of the different aspects of health and safety in the workplace.

The course goes into detail about each area of health and safety that your business may encounter and provides information on how to undertake effective risk assessments and implement relevant, sufficient and appropriate control measures. The course gives an in-depth guide to health and safety legislation and aims to raise awareness of the responsibilities that all managers and supervisors are expected to maintain.

Course Duration
3 Days
Who should take this course?

This Level 3 Health and Safety in the Workplace course is suitable for all employers, managers and/or supervisors who have a responsibility for providing high health and safety standards in the workplace. This includes those who have responsibility for training employees, maintaining standards and enforcing a positive health and safety culture at work.

If you have new employees who have never undertaken training in health and safety before, then the Basic Health & Safety course is recommended as an induction level.