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Forklift Truck Operator

Short Courses

Course Description

Forklift truck operators transport heavy good around depots such as factories and warehouses. They might:

  • Load and unload goods from vehicles, such as Lorries and aircraft.
  • Arrange the goods in warehouses on storage racks.
  • Before lifting a load, make sure the truck is not overloaded and that the load is secure.
  • Perform daily maintenance checks of the truck.
  • Help to load and unload trucks manually.
  • Perform other warehouse duties such as packing.
Course Description

It takes place at a training centre or on an employer’s premises. It combines theory with practical exercises and leads to a standard test approved by the Health and Safety Commission. There are three elements in the test: a theoretical test, a pre-use check of the lift truck and a practical test which includes: Laden and Unlade manoeuvring, stacking and un-stacking within an aisle and correct parking procedures.

Course Duration
3-5 Days

To work as a forklift truck operator you should:

  • Have a responsible and mature attitude.
  • Be able to work quickly and safely, especially during busy periods.
  • Have a good physical co-ordination to operate a truck.
  • Be able to assess weights and judge distances.
  • Be able to follow written instructions and keep records.

No formal educational qualifications are required, but basic maths is useful when working out safe loads. Experience of work in warehouse or stores environment may be an advantage.

There are no government issued licences for forklift truck drivers. However, it is a legal requirement that employers provide adequate training so that employees can use the machinery safely.